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Mega Tradings
House#427, Road#30
New DOHS, Mohakhali, Dhaka

Phone: +88029881869
Type: Step Bottom
Cabinet Shell: Powder Painted Cold Steel, Curved
Shell Color: White
Cabinet Top Frame: Integrated Injection Plastic ABS
Top Frame Color: Light Grey
Cabinet Liner: Embossed Aluminum
Isolation Layer: PU Foam
Isolation Thickness: 70mm
Blow Agent: Cyclo / Isopentane
Wheel: Heavey Duty Big Wheels, Diameter 65mm
Type: Curved Glass
Glass: Single Layer Heat Reflecting Tempered Glass
Lid Frame: One Piece ABS
Refrigerant: R134a
Compressor: Hermetic, LBP
Temperature: Control Mechanical
Condenser: Pre Fan Cooled + Tube Coil
Evaporator: Tube Coil
Anti-condensation Loop: Yes
Test Condition: 38oC, 70%RH
Test Result: <-18oC Warmest
Ambient Temperature: (Climate Class) SN N ST
Insulation Resistance: >50 Mohm
Earth Resistance: <0.1 Ohm
Basket: 3 Special Design, With Divider
Drainage: Yes
Defrost Scraper: 1 / ABS
Indicating Lamp: Red Compressor Run
Lock: Yes
Drainage Tray: 1 / Plastic

Cabinet Capacity : 260/300 Ltr
Cabinet Temperature : -220C within half an hour at ambient +450C
Wall Insulation : 70 mm. (PU insulation)
K-factor : 0.118 BTU INCH/HR sq. ft. 0F (0.0169 watts/meter 0K)
Exterior Sheet : MS Sheet,(Standard Thickness)
Interior Sheet : Alumonioum sheet.(Standard Thickness)
Refrigerant : 134a
Evaporator Pipe : Non Joint Copper Pipe (Pressure 2500 Psi)
Condensor Pipe : Non Joint Copper Pipe (Pressure 2500 Psi)
Cabinet Frame : Plastic / Aluminium
Cabinet & Floor : Should be strong and non rusty.
Wheel : Heavy Duty.
Ducal : 3-Side as per Igloo Design.
Light Canopy : As per Igloo Design.
Hole : 2 (two) hole at the both side of the freezer for fix up the light canopy stand.
Top glass : Best Insulation and heavy duty with lock.
Sliding Lid : Heavy Duty (Per day opening 200 times)
Compressor casing : Heavy duty non-rusty.
Ice-cream loading : 62 liter/day.